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While the dream of coastal living most often involves pristine beaches and glorious waves, actually living here is a little more complex. The same climates that sculpt those beautiful coastlines also brew devastating hurricanes, creating unique needs for homeowners, especially when it comes to insurance. 

Chad Huneycutt, Insurance Agent and owner of The Huneycutt Group, has been helping coastal Carolinians protect their most valuable assets from homes to boats and RVs for decades. Today we sat down with Chad to discuss how he and The Huneycutt Group uniquely serve the Cape Fear Region–by knowing who they serve: 

  • What common misunderstandings have you encountered with coastal homeowners when they are selecting an insurance agency? 

Homeowners are very concerned with competitive, affordable rates for insurance–which is crucial. However, this concern can sometimes overshadow their awareness of differences in coverage details and how there might be gaps. It’s important to have insurance that covers everything you need for coastal climates and to compare rates between equivalent plans.

  • Wouldn’t a big-box insurance agency provide more options? Why should I work with a boutique, especially if I live in the Cape Fear Region? 

Living so close to the water brings unique challenges such as adverse weather, wind, and a hurricane season that lasts from June to November. You want to work with someone who knows the Carolina coastline, and knows what it’s like to live in coastal Carolina.

In a crisis, you’ll be waiting in line at a big box insurance agency. Our boutique experience allows for a more individualized experience that gets you the attention that you deserve

  • Then what makes The Huneycutt Group different from other boutiques?

Simply put, we care the most and the longest. The Huneycutt Group offers clients 40 years’ worth of experience combined with a more personalized experience that focuses on giving people the specialized attention they deserve. Our agency is very responsive to our client’s needs and allows you to speak with someone who actually cares.

  • What are you most proud of in your business?

Our solid support structure for our clients: we have built an experienced, cohesive group of team members to serve our clients. Each agent is well-versed in their field and works well with one another to help provide their clients with the most comprehensive support.

  • What’s the most special part of working with a family-owned insurance company?

Because we are family owned and operated, we are down to earth and build deep relationships with our clients. We’re here for you when you need our support, but we aren’t just “foul weather” friends. The Huneycutt Group will have your back long after the storm moves on.

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