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Wind and Hail Coverage for Unexpected Storms

If your home is anywhere near the coast then you know the importance of protecting it from hurricanes and tropical storms. Make sure you understand the difference between the policies offered today. Many agents are limited to only offering the states wind pool products, don’t get fooled into thinking you don’t have options. Call us today to discuss.

Whether it is your primary home, rental home or your vacation home we can help. From a $50,000 condo to a $10,000,000 coastal oceanfront custom home, we can protect your home!

Wind and Hail Insurance In Wilmington That Protects You From Hurricanes

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Wind and hail insurance is a type of property insurance that safeguards your home and belongings from damage caused by windstorms and hail. This includes named storms like hurricanes and tropical storms. It’s particularly important in coastal regions like North Carolina that are prone to hurricanes and strong winds.

There are two main ways you might encounter wind and hail insurance.

Included In Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

In some policies, wind and hail coverage is automatically included in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

Separate Policy or Endorsement

Particularly in high-risk areas like the coast, wind and hail coverage might be excluded from basic homeowner’s insurance. In this case, you’d need to purchase a separate policy in addition to your existing policy for wind and hail protection.

Why Is Wind And Hail Insurance Important In North Carolina

The coast is particularly vulnerable to hurricanes, which bring strong winds and hail as a major threat. These storms can cause significant damage to roofs, siding, windows, and even knock down trees that can impact your property.

Financial Recovery Lifeline

Repairing wind and hail damage can be very expensive, especially for a roof replacement. Wind and hail insurance provides the financial resources to get your home back in shape after a storm.

Mortgage Requirement

If you have a mortgage on your coastal property, your lender might require you to have wind and hail coverage as a condition of the loan.

What Does A Wind And Hail Insurance Policy Cover?

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Dwelling Coverage

Repair or Replacement: The policy will help pay for repairs or replacements to your house’s structure if it’s damaged by wind or hail. This can include damage to your roof, siding, windows, doors, and even structural components.Attached Structures: Damage to garages, sheds, patios, fences, or any other structures permanently attached to your main dwelling might also be covered.

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Personal Belongings or Contents

Wind or Hail Damage: Depending on the specific policy, your furniture, appliances, electronics, and other valuables inside your home might be covered if they’re damaged by wind or hail. This could include wind blowing objects into your house through broken windows or hail damaging your roof and causing leaks that ruin your belongings.

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Peace Of Mind

Knowing you have a financial safety net in place for these unforeseen circumstances brings immense peace of mind. You can focus on rebuilding your life or replacing belongings without the added stress of worrying about the financial burden.

What Factors Affect Wind And Hail Insurance Rates?

Several factors influence wind and hail insurance rates, with some playing a bigger role than others. Here are the key ones to consider.


This is probably the biggest factor. Living in a higher risk area will increase your premium. Insurance companies base their rates on historical data and the likelihood of claims in your area.

Property Characteristics

The age, construction materials, and overall condition of your home can affect your rates. Older homes and roofs could be deemed more susceptible to wind and hail damage. Whereas, a newer roof could help you qualify for a lower premium.


The deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in for a covered claim. Choosing a higher deductible lowers your premium but means you’ll shoulder more financial responsibility in case of damage.

Mitigation Measures

Some insurance companies offer discounts for taking steps to fortify your home against wind and hail damage. Installing hurricane shutters, impact-resistant roofing materials, or wind mitigation brackets can potentially lower your premium.

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