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Hold tight! We will do the shopping for you! We have access to over 100 insurance carriers. Our job is to find you the best priced option each year. That may mean we suggest switching to a different carrier for the upcoming renewal, so don’t fret if you see an increase. Our goal is to get you an alternative quote within 45 days of the renewal. Typically we are going to reach out to you with an alternative before you reach out to us. But you can always call or email us to check in on the status.

If another company is offering you a better price/product we will be the first to encourage you to switch away from us. However, often times if you found something less expensive it is because it is not apples to apples or it has been incorrectly rated. The best thing to do is have us review the other quote with you, to make sure you are making the right decision. Often the bottom line may be misleading. We are extremely confident in our rates so we should not get beat, but if we do we will tell you!

A majority of insurance policies may be escrowed through your mortgage company. This means that each month, when you make your monthly mortgage payment, a portion of that payment gets set into your escrow account. At the end of the year your mortgage company has money in your escrow account to pay your renewal. if you are changing insurance companies it is important to understand how this process may be impacted. Lenders tend to pay insurance renewals 3+ weeks prior to the renewal date. Sometimes that means they may pay the old company AND the new company you are changing to. When this happens it is important that you get your refund from the old insurance company, and once you do you need to put that money back towards your escrow account.

For the most part, yes. Insurance carriers offer a renewal offer between 15-60 days prior to the renewal date. Normally this renewal offer is mailed directly to you. When a payment is made the policy renews.

It is preferred that you reach out to us when you have damage to your home. We can often remind you of your deductible and help guide you to the claims process. We also partner with many restoration companies and contractors who can help you get the damages estimated. We do not fix any of the damages. It is up to you to find a contractor to fix the damages.

Once a claim is filed the adjuster typically reaches out to you within 24-72 hours. They will schedule a time to meet with you to assess the damages. In this time period it is important to try to prevent further damages (tarp your roof, shut off the water to prevent further leaks, etc). Getting a restoration company or contractor to also come out in those first few days is important. That way, by the time the insurance adjuster can submit their estimate you may already have 1 or 2 quotes for contractors to get the work done. Getting a licensed contractor to the property to estimate the damages is just as important as getting the adjuster out there. Often the contractor and adjuster can work together to come up with the proper figures. If you ever have questions throughout the claims process reach out to us.

No – flood insurance would need to be purchased on a separate policy. flood would typically be considered rising water from the ground up due to rainfall accumulation or overflow of a body of water.

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