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Boat and RV Insurance Solutions

Make sure your RV or other recreational vehicles have the proper coverage you deserve.

Many of our clients enjoy the water, whether for recreation or for commercial fishing. We insure all types of yachts, sport fishing boats, and all other recreational watercrafts. Call or write us today to find out how we can help you.

Simplified Boat Insurance Solution

Boats can be a wholesome investment, especially if you love exploring the coastal Carolina waterways. It’s fun, exciting, and a great way to bring the family together.

Buying a boat is a big decision- something you won’t be heading into lightly. However, the purchase is just the beginning: you must protect your boat from rough waters. And that’s what THG Insurance’s personalized boat insurance plans can help you do.

With years of commercial boating insurance experience, we know how to keep you (and your vessel) afloat. We offer the best insurance for boats in Wilmington NC for your prized watercraft. To learn more, feel free to call us today!

Customized RV Insurance for You

There’s nothing like hopping into a recreational vehicle and letting the road take you places. Whether you’re camping with your family or touring the countryside, an RV lets you cook, eat, and sleep comfortably without having to endure the rough outdoors.

Given how special your RV is, you must protect it from the dangers of American roads. How? With customized insurance for RVs.

From state-of-the-art motorhomes to pop-up campers, our RV insurance company takes care of all types of recreational vehicles. We will help you build a custom policy that covers your motorhome or trainer in almost every situation. Call us today!


Class A, B & C Motorhomes

Enjoy the comforts of home while you’re on the road with the largest insured motorhomes.

Pop-up Campers

Although pop-up campers are towed behind another car, they give you a nice bed to sleep in once you reach your spot.

Truck Campers

Don’t need a full-fledged motorhome? Turn your pickup truck into a makeshift bedroom by adding a truck camper.

Travel Trailers

Also known as fifth-wheel trailers or bumper-pull campers, a travel trailer is a compact home you can tow behind your vehicle.

Cargo & Horse Trailers

Haul everything from kayaks and camping gear to livestock and tailgating supplies with your insured cargo and horse trailers.

Utility Trailers

These trailers can carry smaller vehicles like ATVs, lawnmowers, and other landscaping equipment when you’re on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most boat insurance policies cover theft, damage, or loss of any items stored on a boat, as well as physical damage to the boat itself. It can also protect you and your boat against liability or damage in a boating accident.

It depends. The average boat insurance cost can vary between a few hundred to several thousand dollars, based on the type of boat you have, its size, value, and horsepower.

Yes! Insuring your boat is always a safe bet. Although your boat trailer may be protected by your home or car insurance policy, you can also add boat insurance to the coverage. It’s best to talk to an independent insurance agent about your boat and how to determine the right coverage amount.

Yes, but only if you carry comprehensive coverage, which covers damage to your vehicle by circumstances beyond your control. This way, your RV insurance policy may pay to repair or replace your RV, minus the deductible.

Generally speaking, awning damage to your RV is covered by an insurance provider, although the details might vary based on your policy and company. Some insurers include it as a standard on collision or comprehensive coverages, while others may subject it to a different deductible.

Like cars, specific insurance requirements for recreational vehicles are different in each state. But because RVs are expensive, you’ll want insurance for RVs to secure them against damage, theft, and physical liability in case of an accident.

Client Reviews

Recently switched to The Huneycutt Group for my home insurance and couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. I really appreciated the willingness and helpfulness my agent offered me in exploring different carrier options. This industry can feel very transactional (depending on who you choose to work with) so it was refreshing to know my assets were considered carefully when selecting my policy. The app offers convenience, the website is easy to use and the peace of mind is priceless!

Gabe Moore

Very responsive to my questions concerning my insurance needs related to my outer beach property. Their suggestions and information provided were a big help in my decision making.

William Davis

We needed home owners insurance and have a large skate ramp in our backyard, so it was extremely hard to find a company that would exclude the skate ramp. Natalie at the Huneycutt Group went above and beyond to get it worked out. She adds new meaning to customer service!!

Charlene Taylor

I have been partnered with the Huneycutt Group for over a year now and have continuously been impressed with their professionalism and focus on customer service. I would highly recommend them for your home insurance needs.

Jason Bordas

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