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Holly Angermeier

Holly Angermieier

Holly Angermeier began her career as an insurance agent in 1988 in PA and moved to Wilmington NC where I continued my insurance career since 2005 to present.

She has been with Pleasure Island Insurance since 2014. “I am a sales agent that works with realtors, lenders, and clients from referrals. I am able to shop many companies for insurance to get clients the best rate to help keep their mortgage payment lower.” 

When Holly does find some free time, she enjoys getting outside on sunny days walking or exploring the beach. She and her husband, Mike, also enjoy spending time with their two adult children. “They have always supported me working long hours and not always being able to be with them.” They especially enjoy traveling locally when Mike’s band, The Fossil Rockers, has a gig. Mike is the lead singer and Holly is his biggest fan.

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